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On Monday night, I made these. Do you like them?


OK. Technically, they are fetuses, but I just wanted to say “Makin’ babies” in the title of the post.

I made more fetus cookies than just these two guys. Even made conjoined twins! These things turned out pretty massive. Big fetuses. Big tasty fetuses. I’ve got a lot of ideas for decorations, but for this first, uh, litter I kept it simple.

Speaking of litters, I have exciting news!

Meet Tequila.

This little lady had a worm in her neck, so the folks at the shelter named her “Tequila.” The diluted tortie is now worm-free and living it up with Colonel Mustard, Mister and Missus. YAY!


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I’m in the process of updating my Etsy, and it’s going to carry on tomorrow because I’m off to a birthday movie! (Not my birthday. I’m not much on movies. However, I am quite happy with popcorn.)

Until then,

Girl Scout badge pins!

A cat in a cup! (Vintage)

Tree pins!

I have a boatload of buttons (pins) to still list. Tons more Girl Scout badge pins, which were super fun to make. Let me know what you think!

Also some punctuation items on the way as soon as I get good pics! Woo!

Etsy link time: Click me! 

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Look what friend was waiting on my porch when I got home from work recently:

And now, an excuse to post cat photos — er, I mean more crazy critters for your viewing pleasure:

Mister lips. Mister is thirsty and only tub water will do.

Last weekend, I went to an estate sale and picked up an old suitcase, something I’d been wanting. Wasn’t sure what to do with one — Should I look cute and vintagey and travel with it? (Vintagey? I made that word up.) I could display it all cute-like in my house. Or use it to store craft supplies … BUT Colonel Mustard has other plans:

Don't I look cute?

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