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A few weeks ago, I went to a silent auction, and I was lucky enough to walk away with this weird item.

She has a special message for you …

In case you didn’t see it there …

Guess how much I paid for her?! Six bucks! Woot!


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Translation of the gibberish above: Here are some photos of the antiques booth Ainslie and I have put together in the last couple weeks at the Olde Engine Works in Stroudsburg, Pa.

We have more goodies to add, but it’s starting to come together. If you haven’t been to the Olde Engine Works, you should check it out. And I’m not saying that just because of our boof. One can easily spend an afternoon there finding lots of treasures! More than 125 dealers. Woot!

P.S. Weird post coming in the next day or so!

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Did anyone notice I failed to post something weird last week? Well, this sure makes up for it.

Meet the headless Infant of Prague. Headless and armless, that is.

This week’s weird is brought to you by Joe and Sarah, my pals who found this thing left behind on a bench in Rhode Island. (I hope I’m getting this story right. If not, I hope you two will comment to correct me. Feel free to embellish. It’s more fun that way.)

I’ve got so many questions. Why are Jesus’ head and arms missing? Where are they? Why was the rest of him discarded on a bench?



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Can you tell I'm excited?

It’s official.

Ainslie and I are starting up an antiques booth. More pictures to come (soon) when it’s all set up at the Olde Engine Works in Stroudsburg, Pa. That’s a peek at the booth up there. (Not our stuff — consignment items that are going to be moved.) For now, we are plugging along with price tags and the inventory list. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFF!

In other exciting news, there is a fetus cookie cutter on its way to me! I can’t wait to give birth to a bazillion inappropriately-shaped treats! Huzzah!

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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Did a bit of antiquing Sunday and what did I find …

A bipolar salt-and-pepper shaker couple. On one side, they’re happy. On the other, they’re not pleased one bit. So manic depressive. How cute …

Here’s more of an idea for you. Wish I could have gotten better photos, but there was some lurking shopper nearby so I snapped these quickly for the “Weird Crap” blog feature. Woo!

Less weird finds:

That’s all for now. Goodnight!

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Here is your weekly dose of weird. An antique doll head in a box. 

My mind races with questions …

Where is the body? Did a serial killer use it? What are you going to do with just a head? Why does it look so happy about this situation? Can you imagine wrapping the head up and giving it to someone like that? *Shudder*

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I turned 30 on Thursday and celebrated with an antiques adventure. Yay! 

One of my favorite finds of the day:

I couldn’t resist the owl hanging from the handle. Even better, when I got home I realized the back has a message: “We all have our ups & downs.” AWESOME!

Happy weekend! 🙂

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