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On Monday night, I made these. Do you like them?


OK. Technically, they are fetuses, but I just wanted to say “Makin’ babies” in the title of the post.

I made more fetus cookies than just these two guys. Even made conjoined twins! These things turned out pretty massive. Big fetuses. Big tasty fetuses. I’ve got a lot of ideas for decorations, but for this first, uh, litter I kept it simple.

Speaking of litters, I have exciting news!

Meet Tequila.

This little lady had a worm in her neck, so the folks at the shelter named her “Tequila.” The diluted tortie is now worm-free and living it up with Colonel Mustard, Mister and Missus. YAY!


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Here is your weekly dose of weird. An antique doll head in a box. 

My mind races with questions …

Where is the body? Did a serial killer use it? What are you going to do with just a head? Why does it look so happy about this situation? Can you imagine wrapping the head up and giving it to someone like that? *Shudder*

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This doesn’t fall under the flea market/antique store/old stuff category, but I don’t care. Could not resist sharing this:

Source: http://www.stupid.com/fun/FETS.html

Wow! A fetus cookie cutter?!

My friend the Saint and I have been discussing possibilities lately. Add an umbilical cord. Boom! Happy birthday cookies. Green fetus means zombie cookies, etc. 

Yum …

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