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A few weeks ago, I went to a silent auction, and I was lucky enough to walk away with this weird item.

She has a special message for you …

In case you didn’t see it there …

Guess how much I paid for her?! Six bucks! Woot!


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Remember this?

Stack o' yarn

Months ago, I cut a T-shirt into yarn and dyed it with tea. (More info here.) I’m an ADD crafter, but I finally made something with it. I learned how to make the yarn and got the knitting pattern for the scarf below from Stefanie Japel’s online Upcycled T-shirt Yarn Class. The class was a lot of fun!

Yes, I still make things. Things other than obscene wrapping paper, even.

Speaking of obscene wrapping paper, guess what was inside of that newspaper in the previous post?

But wait! Open it up!


This fantastic book safe came from Secret Safe Books on Etsy. My friend loved his birthday gift! Woo!

Today in an antiques store, I found another gift. (This one’s for me!)

My own book o’ booze!

P.S. Next post to include VERY important cat planter news!!!

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Winter may be far from over, but I am now prepared …

As a person who wears fingerless gloves, I needed this essential item: FLASK COSY! So I knit this one up with a crocheted border and proper label, of course.

Now, my poor little fingers won’t get stuck to the stainless steel.

Feeling warmer already …

Now the party’s starting …


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