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On Monday night, I made these. Do you like them?


OK. Technically, they are fetuses, but I just wanted to say “Makin’ babies” in the title of the post.

I made more fetus cookies than just these two guys. Even made conjoined twins! These things turned out pretty massive. Big fetuses. Big tasty fetuses. I’ve got a lot of ideas for decorations, but for this first, uh, litter I kept it simple.

Speaking of litters, I have exciting news!

Meet Tequila.

This little lady had a worm in her neck, so the folks at the shelter named her “Tequila.” The diluted tortie is now worm-free and living it up with Colonel Mustard, Mister and Missus. YAY!


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The other week, I got to spend time at my friend Cindy’s house. A day of homemade pesto sauce, garden fresh tomatoes and silly board games.

And lots of visiting with her critters … Yay!


Ainslie takes a photo.


Fantastic feet!

From fowl to felines …

Zuben the kitten is quite the gentleman. Shy and cute.

MUCH bigger kitties live at Cindy’s home, too. She and her husband have two bobcats, Audrey and Trifid, who are educational critters. (Boy Scouts visit them and learn about wildlife and such.)

Hello there, Trifid. I think my hair matches your fur quite nicely.

We got very close …

I wasn't expecting this.

She makes a comfy seat.

The rainy day ended with rainbow action.

Still cloudy, but there is a rainbow ...

The end!

Thanks for the day of fun, Cindy! 🙂

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I am going to try and post some of my more exciting antique/flea market finds in the coming weeks (some of them craft-related). Speaking of the coming weeks, I hope spring shows up soon because that means outdoor flea market time! (And then more things to blog about …)

Old Thing No. 1

Probably the best seven bucks I’ve ever spent in my life were on this:

My butt's up in the air, ready to be filled with dirt and a plant.

Assless cat planter! Although, I did take it to work with me one day and some of the editors tried to argue he (she?) is only missing a chunk of his/her back. That sounds disgusting. That even makes “assless cat planter” sound less yucky!

So … what should I put in this thing? Two good suggestions I’ve received so far: catnip or a long cactus to make it look like the cat has a tail. Any more ideas? Comment and let me know!

P.S. Forgot to mention in the last post my flask cosy was inspired by a “Golden Girls” episode. Sophia was knitting a cosy for her bottle of sherry.

Dorothy: What are you knitting, Ma, a hat?
Sophia: No, it’s a case for my bottle of Sherry. When you walk through the park drinking from a paper bag, suddenly everyone’s your best friend.
Dorothy: You drink Sherry in the park??
Sophia: Yeah, me and the girls have a Cloud Watching Society. We go to the park, throw back some sherry and tell each other what we think the clouds look like.

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