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I finally made a Treasury on Etsy! I’d always wanted to but never bothered.

Well, inspiration struck at 4 a.m. the other morning. When I saw this pendant by CameraSHYphotography, I found my theme: The Eastern Shore.

I grew up on the Shore, also known as the Delmarva Peninsula. Let me know what you think of the Treasury! Clicky-clicky to see it.

Oh, and if you like Treasuries (I can look at them for hours), these three include some of my items on Etsy. Hurray!





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Here is your weekly dose of weird. An antique doll head in a box. 

My mind races with questions …

Where is the body? Did a serial killer use it? What are you going to do with just a head? Why does it look so happy about this situation? Can you imagine wrapping the head up and giving it to someone like that? *Shudder*

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I turned 30 on Thursday and celebrated with an antiques adventure. Yay! 

One of my favorite finds of the day:

I couldn’t resist the owl hanging from the handle. Even better, when I got home I realized the back has a message: “We all have our ups & downs.” AWESOME!

Happy weekend! 🙂

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After I ate a mushroom omelette last week at a diner, the waitress left the bill on the table. This sounds like a boring story — but wait!

I looked down and saw “mushroom owl,” but it really said “mushroom oml” in her old-lady handwriting. My partner drew this up on the back of the placemat, and I knew I had to make it! Plushie fun. 🙂

The drawing that started it all.

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Found this in a parking lot last week. Hood ornament of awesome! 🙂

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This doesn’t fall under the flea market/antique store/old stuff category, but I don’t care. Could not resist sharing this:

Source: http://www.stupid.com/fun/FETS.html

Wow! A fetus cookie cutter?!

My friend the Saint and I have been discussing possibilities lately. Add an umbilical cord. Boom! Happy birthday cookies. Green fetus means zombie cookies, etc. 

Yum …

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I’m kicking myself for not buying a postcard I saw earlier this year in an antiques store. A photo of a jail (can’t remember where) was on the front with the text “Wish You Were Here.” That was WEIRD.

But don’t fret, I’ve got another taste of weird for you this Monday.

"Hey, baby."

Found this, uh, gal at the Philly AIDS Thrift store on a trip there in the spring. Makes me think of “The Terminator.”

Now, I promise to post oddities other than mannequins, but how could I not share this?

{Thanks to Ains for the photo!}

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